JaKarr Sampson shines for the 76ers; what does the future hold after the NBA Summer League?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

After 5 games completed in the Orlando Summer League, former St. John's forward JaKarr Sampson should feel proud and confident about his first NBA action. Sampson was one of the biggest contributing players for the Philadelphia 76ers — leading them to the 2014 Orlando Summer League Championship last weekend.

The Philadelphia 76ers topped the standings in the summer league going (4-1) and accumulating 22 overall points. In the de facto championship, the 76ers defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 91-75. Sampson had his best performance in the most important game with 13 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals.

This game also featured Sampson dominating on both ends of the floor— which Johnnies fans are so accustomed to see.

Overall Sampson’s averages are 7.0 points/g, 5.0 rebounds/g, and 0.8 assists/ g in the Orlando Summer League.

The Philadelphia 76ers will also play in the Las Vegas Summer League. However, the team will feature a whole different roster. The Sixers will add another 10 more players to the team... which does not include Jakarr Sampson.

What does this mean for JaKarr?

This means that the competition for roster spots will be much greater. However, JaKarr Sampson will most likely be in consideration of being invited to training camp this September—based on his performance so far in the summer league, which is said to have impressed the coaching staff.

But for him to continue on this process of improving and becoming part of the Sixers franchise, or another NBA squad, he will have to work on some important areas of his game.

Areas of Improvement

Fluency of game/ different gears - JaKarr Sampson will have to continue to make his game more fluent on the offensive end. Many times his offense is only one gear, which makes his moves predictable. At this level, athleticism will not be enough to be an efficient offensive player.

Ball Handling - Opponents will continue to pressure Sampson on the perimeter if he continues to look shaky handling the ball. Better ball handling will free him up for more space to drive to the rim and for midrange jumpshots.

Shooting - The Sixers have a dynamic young star point guard in Michael Carter-Williams, which would allow wing players like Sampson to find open shots consistently. Sampson can be one of those players on the wing, if he improves his shot. In addition, the Sixers play speedball, trying to create tons of possessions. If he knocks them, Sampson has a better chance to be in a 76ers uniform this coming season.

The next Philadelphia 76ers game is Monday against the Andrew Wiggins and the Cleveland Cavaliers on NBA TV at 8:00

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