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The Rumble is looking for (more) writers!

We need savvy, smart people interested in writing about soccer, women's basketball, lacrosse, and men's basketball.

John Alber

You may have seen some of the new talented writers who have been posting on Rumble in the Garden, and we want to reiterate that we are still looking for dedicated writers, social media savvy managers, and creative folks to help us cover the full range of St. John’s sports starting this fall.

Those new writers - Troy, Kenny, Trennis, and Ryan - go by a number of usernames (which now can be changed!) but you'll know them when you see them (so go comment on their pieces! Start some conversations!)

But we want more! We’re looking for people with a knack for (or interest in) covering breaking news with speed, accuracy, and without bias - whether from behind the scenes at the arena or from home.

What we’re looking for:

Writers: We’re looking for writers available to cover non-revenue sports - soccer, lacrosse - and to cover women's basketball comprehensively. We're looking for people to own their beat, find stories daily for their section, and quickly summarize and analyze news and game action.

Breaking news writer: The Rumble team handles breaking news as a group. But one writer is needed to be on the lookout for breaking pieces and write short but informative articles for the Rumble covering the breaking news.

Rapid reaction writer: We need a person to write quick game synopses of men's basketball games. This requires accuracy and succinctness - it's the place where all the initial post-game gripes go, and we've been generally good posting that article within 20 minutes of the end of each game.

Reach out to us at! We want to hear from you!

And even if you're not a writer, come and join in the comments, point out what you're seeing from the games and teams, and feel free to react to what we write.

Our strongest candidates will have:

- strong knowledge about St. John’s history along with the recent past
- strong writing skills.
- can identify news, decide what is important, and knows where to locate information.
- is a self-starter who can work with minimal direction and can edit her or his work in AP style.
- can write in line with our best practices and tone.
- is comfortable working in a virtual content environment.