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Rysheed Jordan tweets anti-gay slur; later apologizes

Jordan tweets an anti-gay slur, deletes it and apologizes later.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Rysheed Jordan has had his fair share of issues off the court during his time at St. John's but this issue was certainly avoidable.

According to Outsports, Jordan tweeted an anti-gay slur Tuesday afternoon to two of his friends calling them a "Fag."

Jordan later deleted the tweet and apologized to Outsports.

"I apologize for the language I used on Twitter in a conversation with my friends. It was insensitive and something I regret because I did not mean to hurt anyone."

A St. John's information director, Stephen Dombroski, later told Outsports that "inappropriate and offensive messages in any form are unacceptable."

Jordan has been listed as day to day with a patella tendon injury but the bigger issue may be regarding this issue and whether he will even have any shot to be active to play Saturday against Providence.

The school or basketball program can decide to suspend Jordan but nothing has been announced as of yet. The Johnnies play tomorrow at noon so an announcement may not be released before the game.

Earlier this season, Jordan took a one game leave of absence. He missed a loss at home against Butler before returning the day prior to a critical match-up at the Garden against Villanova. When he did return, Jordan struggled and didn't have any impact on the game.