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The Rumble wants YOU! To write.

Seeking writers for a wide variety of roles.

John Alber

The Rumble is looking for dedicated writers and creative folks to help us cover the full range of St. John’s sports (including men's basketball!).

We’re looking for the knack for (or interest in) telling the compelling story in sports news with speed, accuracy, and with little bias - whether from behind the scenes at the arena or from home. We’re looking for writers who want more writing clips for the future in journalism, want to stretch their skills, or just love starting conversations about sports.

Can you present an argument concisely? Summarize a tough game or tough topic quickly and fairly?

We’re looking for people with enthusiasm, realism, a sense of humor, a quick wit, a creative flair.

If any of the above applies, we want to hear from you about joining the Rumble in the Garden team. We've been on SB Nation since 2011, and have had a number of strong writers on the team and graduate to cool opportunities. Join the group!

Our strongest candidates will have:

  • strong knowledge about St. John’s history along with the recent past.
  • strong writing skills.
  • can identify news, decide what is important, and knows where to locate information.
  • is a self-starter who can work with minimal direction and can edit her or his work in AP style.
  • can write in line with our best practices and tone.
  • is comfortable working in a virtual content environment.

Possible roles:

Men's basketball writers

We will need a reporter to occasionally step in to the credentialed role; another who can write analytically about the game and its schemes; and hopefully, a quantitatively-minded writer. A basketball recruiting writer would also be a boon to the staff!

Breaking news writer

The Rumble team handles breaking news as a group. Right now, we have a couple of writers doing hard work on this, and would love another to write short but informative articles for the Rumble covering the breaking news.

Women's basketball writer

There is a possibility to be credentialed for women's hoops and a lot of opportunity to cover an exciting squad that is challenging the nation's women's hoops elite.

Non-revenue writer

The soccer and baseball teams are exciting, though under-the-radar, and there are good stories there. Show your writing chops in getting into the less-heralded sports and showing the St. John's fan community the stars who are making waves on the pitch and the baseball diamond!

And other roles will be considered (video, for example) as the need arises!

Reach out to us at! We want to hear from you! Please send a copy of a writing sample and your reasons for interest. If you don't have a writing sample, consider writing:

- a piece on the incredible career of women's soccer star Rachel Daly; or

- a major conference men's hoops team that has had to start over with so many new players that is NOT Kentucky - and how that process went.

- Norman, Editor