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St. John's target Maverick Rowan's plan to get eligible for 2015

A look at what Rowan still needs to do to reclassify to the 2015 class... before college classes start in a little over a month.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

On Twitter, Anonymous Eagle asked a good question about junior Maverick Rowan - the focus of many teams' interest as he attempts to leave high school a year early and play college basketball in the fall.

Good question - one which was followed by a question about what threshold Rowan, a 6'6" wing, needs to overcome to play in college.

The school year is over, and usually, students finish with their classes in June before heading out on the summer circuit. But Maverick Rowan, a top-50 guard with interest from St. John's (his father played a year for the then-Redmen alongside new head coach Chris Mullin) has different plans, different ideas - and an urge to test and improve himself on the college ranks.

From the Fayetteville Observer:

Earlier this summer, Rowan, who was to be a rising senior at Fort Lauderdale’s Cardinal Gibbons and a top 30 player in the class of 2016, decided to reclassify. Since he repeated the eighth grade, Rowan said he felt he was physically ready for the college game. And with schools like N.C. State, Wisconsin and St. John’s showing interest, he wasn’t alone.

"Why go start another year in high school when I could possibly start in one of the biggest conferences in America?" Rowan said. "I’m just treading water."

Rowan said he initially tried to get Cardinal Gibbons to help him come up with a summer school plan that would have him graduating in the class of 2015. But after that fell through, Rowan started working with Elev8 Sports Institute in Delray Beach, Florida to find a curriculum featuring classroom time and online courses that would get him cleared to start college in the fall.

"The deadline is that I have to finish before whatever school I go to starts," Rowan said.

Dedicated to getting through high school. No need for prom. And ready to play on the college level.

Rowan, who was a strong Louisville lean in the past, has added Rick Pitino's Cardinals back on his list.

Rowan would join a completely retooled St. John's squad, with only Amar Alibegovic as a part-time contributor returning; a mix of transfers and freshmen would be his teammates, and playing time would be available from the new coaching staff.