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NCAA could be set to change NBA Draft requirements, social media restrictions

NCAA Division I Council will vote on 72 possible rule changes in 2016.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Council and Division I schools will vote on 72 total proposals that include coaches contacting recruits on social media without restrictions, players being eligible to return to school after entering the NBA Draft and the chance to play NCAA championships in states that allow sports betting.

Coaches across the country currently have designated rules as to when they are able to contact recruits and when they can begin the sell them on their program, but without restrictions, staffs can keep up with the evolution of these technologies. The Mid-American Conference proposed this possible rule change with the thought that it is very difficult for the NCAA to monitor such activity. Social media has become such an important part to our everyday lives and the ability to successfully talk to high school prospects on Twitter, Facebook, etc without committing a violation would be helpful, especially for mid-majors.

One of the more interesting proposals from the Council is the rule that would allow student-athletes to enter the NBA Draft multiple times without risking their eligibility. There are many talented youngsters that misjudge their draft stock, only to end up overseas or earning very few dollars in the NBA. This possible change would give the prospects the opportunity to remove their name from the draft pool up to 10 days after the NBA draft combine concludes. Improving the quality of play at both the NCAA and NBA level is crucial to continued fan interest and raising the age limit could possibly be next.

The Mountain West Conference developed a proposal that is very unlikely to pass as the league want the NCAA to allow championship events (NCAA Tournament games) to be played in states with legal sports betting. UNLV and Nevada are the two schools that could be eligible to host these marquee events but the NCAA has always been reluctant to move their high quality showcases to sports betting states. The Conference mentions that their rationale for the proposal is that it would decrease travel time, expenses and missed class time for the programs on the West Coast and in the area.

The Council will take the final vote on 58 of the 72 issues in April 2016. The other 18 proposals will be voted on by 65 schools from the big five conferences at the 2016 NCAA Convention in January.