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NCAA Profile: Fresno State Bulldogs

The Fresno State squad surprised San Diego State to win the Mountain West autobid.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Team: Fresno State Bulldogs

Conference: Mountain West Conference

Coach: Rodney Terry

Record: 25-9, 13-5 in conference

KenPom Rank: 105

Good wins: Over San Diego State in the MWC Tournament final.

Impact Players: Guards Marvelle Harris and Cezar Guerrero (the former Oklahoma State guard) combine to pace the Bulldogs on offense. Forward Karachi Edo blocks shots and grabs offensive rebounds at a high rate despite being 6'6". By the way, Guerrero has not turned the ball over in four straight games.

How did they get in?: The Bulldogs knocked off perennial NCAA Tournament squad San Diego State to earn the Mountain West's automatic bid in Las Vegas.

How far can this team go in the NCAA Tournament?: The veteran team seems to know each other - they have one of the lowest turnover rates in all of Division I basketball, and they pester opponents into miscues. But they commit a lot of fouls and don't do anything consistently well on offense.

Yet they have won nine straight.  Round of 32 looks to be this team's ceiling, and that's only because they have something special going on. They did hang with Arizona and Oregon for a half each.

Last time in the NCAA Tournament: 2001 under Jerry Tarkanian.