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NCAA Profile: Pittsburgh Panthers

Pittsburgh slips into the big dance as 10 seed.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Team: Pittsburgh Panthers

Conference: Atlantic Coast Conference

Coach: Jaime Dixon

Record: 21-11, 9-9 in conference

KenPom Rank: 45

Good Wins:

  • Syracuse (x3)
  • @ Notre Dame
  • Duke
  • @ Florida State

Impact Players: Michael Young is a player that Pitt often leans on. While shooting 54% from the field, Young averages 16 points, and 7 rebounds per contest. Also look out for main assist man, James Robinson. While contributing 11 points per game, Robinson assists his teammates about 5 times per game.

How did they get in?: Pittsburgh seemed comfortable going into the ACC Tournament. Many had them on the right side of the bubble, but nothing was set in stone. Beating the Syracuse Orange for a third time seemed to lock them into the NCAA Tournament.

How far can they go?: This Pittsburgh team does many things well, even if theis scoring is up and down from game to game. That is best displayed not as much in their good wins, but their losses.

Pitt has lost most of their games to very good teams, and their offense has struggled in many of those losses. This team can goes as far as the Elite Eight if they get hot. The most reasonable landing spot seems like a second round loss, but this has been one wacky season.

Last NCAA Tournament appearance: They last were in the NCAA Tournament in 2014. Following a thumping of Colorado, the Panthers slipped up to the 1 seed Florida Gators. This is the 26th time Pittsburgh has qualified for the NCAA Tournament.