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Rumble podcast: what’s the next step?

The first-ever episode of the Rumble podcast.

NCAA Basketball: Seton Hall at St. John's Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the new Rumble in the Garden podcast.

Norman welcomes Joseph Nardone of Today's U for a talk about St. John's... that went far, far over the allotted time. So this is part one of the podcast, the part where we talk about the hopes for St. John's this year and the future, touching on:

  • What's the next step for the St. John's program under Chris Mullin?
  • A look at the path that led St. John's to this point with respect to coaching hires.
  • Is there a need to recruit locally/ how has the recruiting focus changed for the Johnnies?
  • How should we gauge success and failure for this season’s squad?

It’s a new day and a new podcast.

NOT YET Available on iTunes/ Google Play. But it will be soon, as Rumble in the Garden. So subscribe, like, and tell your friends. And if you have questions/ comments, reach out to us at rumbleinthegarden [at] gmail.

Rumble in the Garden podcast Season 1, Episode 1 - right-click to download, or play in the player below. Have a question for next time? Like it? Hate it? Comment or email us about the podcast at

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