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Max Hooper, Ron Mvouika drafted in NBA D-League

The Knicks and Hornets’ affiliates get some former St. John’s flavor on their rosters.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Oakland Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Max Hooper and Ron Mvouika were both selected in the D-League draft - Hooper, by the Westchester Hawks (the Knicks’ D-League team) and Ron Mvouika by the Greensboro Swarm (the Hornets’ D-League squad).

Max Hooper was a first round pick (and former Rutgers’ wing Dane Miller was also selected in their draft). He averaged nearly 11 points in 45% shooting from outside the arc for the Oakland Grizzlies in his final year, and three points per game on 40% shooting in his year at St. John’s on 40% shooting outside the arc - an excellent percentage. He played at St. John’s in 2013-14 under Steve Lavin.

Our friends at Posting and Toasting are very excited. His name is HOOPER, after all. For more on Hooper’s impact - or lack of use - at St. John’s - read our player exit interview on Hooper from 2014.

Mvoiuka, who was a solid outside shooter for last year’s St. John’s team, was a fourth round pick for Greensboro. He averaged eight points per game - 42% inside the arc and 38% outside the three-point line - in his year as a graduate transfer for Chris Mullin last season. For a deeper look back on his game, read our player exit interview from last season.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Marquette vs St. John's William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The D-League is a fine way to make money at basketball while staying stateside - close enough that interested NBA teams could reach out and purchase the player’s contract to fill a need.

Hooper’s game is that of an extreme specialist - he won’t be great on defense, won’t create off the dribble. But given a moment, Max Hooper’s shooting stroke is quick and accurate, and he could get a few runs in the NBA with that kind of floor-spacing skill.

Mvouika is a multi-faceted player who can fit in a number of roles - a secondary ballhandler, a shooter, a decent passer who understands the game. As a French citizen, we would expect him to also have opportunities playing in the French league as well - especially with more playing time in what is essentially the USA’s second division.

Good luck to both players, who will have a shot to be seen by St. John’s fans and professional scouts worldwide, chasing that basketball money.