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Rumble podcast: the rise of St. John’s + the business

And a look at what Jon Rothstein is doing & how it changes the blogging game

NCAA Basketball: St. John at DePaul Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Part two of the first Rumble in the Garden podcast! Get wise to Part 1 of our inaugural pod, as well.

Norman welcomes Joseph Nardone of Today's U for a talk about St. John's for the second part of our conversation. This time, we talked a lot more about the business and about St.the barriers against St. John's rise. Also, Joseph lives off the grid and doughnuts.

  • Will St. John's become a consistent winner before DePaul?
  • Does the youth of the coaches in the Big East make it harder for the Johnnies to move up the ladder?
  • How Joseph Nardone worked to improve his writing through his career
  • Jon Rothstein's new gig with Fan Rag & that outlet's expansion into firsthand reporting
  • The point of a sometimes-polarizing writer like Rothstein

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