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Rumble podcast: a conversation about Marquette

Like a talented Big East, Marquette is stacked with guards but low on bigs.

NCAA Basketball: St. John at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The full third episode of the Rumble in the Garden podcast welcomes a discussion about Marquette for the discerning St. John's fan!<

We are joined by Andy from Anonymous Eagle and Andrei from Paint Touches to talk about the Big East and Marquette's exciting, guard-heavy roster. This was recorded as Andrei was driving across the Midwest to make the Chicago Cubs World Series victory celebration.

  • Haha, Cleveland (the opener)
  • Marquette's reason for optimism, including Luke Fischer, the great pivot.
  • What role will Andrew Rowsey and his height play?
  • The challenges for Marquette especially defensively
  • The Big East is filled with difference-making guards even the worst is excellent
  • How is Wojciechowski's rebuilding job going after Buzz Williams left a decimated roster?
  • Can Marquette make it to Big East play undefeated and how does experience mix with talent to equal winning?

Thank you for listening to the new podcast.

Rumble in the Garden, Season 1, Episode 2 – right-click to download. Like it? Hate it? Comment or email us about it at or on twitter at @RumbleSBN.

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Rumble in the Garden podcast Season 1, Episode 2 right-click to download, or play in the player below. Have a question for next time? Like it? Hate it? Comment or email us about the podcast at

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