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Jakarr Sampson was waived by the Sixers, will he return?

The former St. John's player is a casualty of an NBA trade.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

You likely heard that former St. John's forward JaKarr Sampson was waived by the Philadelphia 76ers yesterday. The team traded for Miami center Joel Anthony and a second-round 2017 pick, exchanging the signing rights to an overseas player.

More on the mechanics of the trade are here, but the Sixers traded for a player who has to land on their roster... so someone had to go, at least temporarily. The player whose rights we traded, Maduabum, has played in six countries (including Qatar, his native Nigeria, and Mongolia) but was recently cut by a team in Finland, and has not landed a new job yet.

Sampson, who spent two years at St. John's starting for Steve Lavin's teams, has played 11 minutes - in two of five of the Sixers' games - in February. And Jakarr, who averaged five points and two rebounds with the Sixers this season, always been a fringe player, the kind of developmental player some say the team likes to employ to help them lose games (or, conversely, the kind of potential-laden player they want to develop into an inexpensive rotation player as the roster improves).


So there you go. St. John's will continue to have three players in the NBA - Maurice Harkless, Metta World Peace (the onetime Ron Artest) and Sampson - if everything goes well. The Sixers' blog Liberty Ballers is rooting for the return of Sampson.

They also share this gif. Enjoy!