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Report: St. John's will face Binghamton Bearcats next season

Willie Rodriguez and Binghamton will face St. John's next season.
Willie Rodriguez and Binghamton will face St. John's next season.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

St. John's will face the Binghamton Bearcats during the 2016-17 season, per Jon Rothstein.

We don't know much about next year's schedule, but we will find out more and more as the weeks go on and games get finalized.

As far as this known game, it's not Syracuse, if you were dreaming about marquee games. We assume this game will be at Carnesecca; no reason to travel for Binghamton for anything.

But given the Battle for Atlantis field - Louisville, Michigan State, VCU, Wichita State, Baylor, LSU and Old Dominion - and a very young, developing team, St. John's can be excused for finding opponents that are on the "beatable" side.

Binghamton went 8-22 last season in Tommy Dempsey's fourth year, their highest win total in his four seasons. Their defense has improved, and they have only one senior in next year's rotation. They also have a pair of emerging freshman guards and some tough forwards.

But by basketball ratings, they will likely be considered one of the 50-worst teams in Division I. (In KenPom's rankings, they were 322nd; in the RPI rating, they were 303. Scheduling-wise, this isn't a team designed to make the team look great for the NIT or NCAA selection committees; this is a game scheduled for a win.