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St. John's men maintain a steady NCAA Academic Progress rating

The women's squad comes in with an excellent rating by the NCAA's metric.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

The NCAA has released the multi-year and single year Academic Progress rate scores for the most recent available season, 2014-15.

First, the understand what we're talking about - what is the APR?

NCAA mandates that a four year average of 930 to participate in that sport's NCAA Championship. Each scholarship player receives one point for staying in school and another point for being academically eligible; those points are divided by the possible points and multiplied by 1,000.

So if there are 11 non-graduating players, and 10 stay in school AND one of the players who stays becomes academically ineligible, that's 10 + 9 = 19 points, divided by 22, for a score of 864.

St. John's men's basketball had a four-year average of 952, which is very good, though tied for eighth in the Big East. The single-year average was 870, likely owing in large part to the circumstances under which Rysheed Jordan left the St. John's program (academically ineligible and non-graduating).

Women's basketball had a perfect 1000 APR, as did women's Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, and Track. Men's baseball had a 980, and Men's Lacrosse had a 960 score.

As far as the rest of the Big East Men's basketball teams:

Multi-Year Rate
Butler University
Creighton University
DePaul University
Georgetown University
Marquette University
Providence College
Seton Hall University
St. John's University
Villanova University
Xavier University