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Chris Mullin audio with Jon Rothstein on the development of the St. John's program

Mullin touches on the development program, what he's looking for in some of the newcomers, and skill development.

Wendell Cruz

Jon Rothstein has a podcast interview with Chris Mullin covering the previous season and what St. John's is looking like moving forward on College Hoops Today.

It's a pretty solid piece, and Mullin speaks on a range of topics, highlighting the newcomers Bashir Ahmed, Shamorie Ponds and Marcus LoVett, the transfers Justin Simon and Marvin Clark, and speaking on what's next for Kassoum Yakwe. Give it a listen.

Some highlights:

* On Kassoum Yakwe, Mullin notes the ways Yakwe can influence the game, likening him to Ben Wallace or Dennis Rodman. he continues: "Now we're really focusing on his skills so we can make him a a better all-around player and use that athleticism, basketball skill. you add that basketball skill - some ball handling, maybe a nice jump shot - and all of a sudden he becomes a well-rounded player. We feel like he made great strides last year, and hopefully that volcano continues to erupt."

* On Bashir Ahmed, Marvin Clark and Justin Simon, Mullin remarks on the need to have veterans, players who can be leaders on and off the court - showing the younger players how to do things the right way. It's also telling that he knows he can't play 12 or 13 players, so someone has to be on the margins - why not a transfer who has to sit out?

* On Tariq Owens and Marcus LoVett, he focused on their strength and weight gains, noting that the slim center Owens put on 20 pounds and LoVett, at least ten.

Mullin also notes this, which should warm the hearts of our readers:

It's exciting [to have different options]. That's where the fun comes in - blending that talent together taking a bunch of talented players and making them a team.

A lot is done on the practice floor teaching them and letting them find out for themselves where their strengths are and where they can make plays for their teammates.

The focus is always gonna be on making plays for your teammates, being supportive of your teammates. That's the culture we want, we did a good job of laying it down last year. Hopefully now with the new players we can take a step forward.