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Updated Community Posting Rules

St. John's fans John Alber

We have updated our Community posting rules:

Updated Community Commenting Guidelines, inspired by our friends at the Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion:

Be engaging and respectful. We're talking about college kids here who are playing basketball for free. Take a breath before commenting. Don't be insulting. Treat others with respect, feel free to ask questions... and let's keep cheap insults, political insults/ accusations, browbeating, and name calling out of here as well.

We welcome discussion, but we ask that you actually contribute to discussions. Disagree with sound reasoning, be clever, articulate your points, and if you’ve said it once, you probably don’t need to say it again and again and again.

Racism, homophobia, bigotry are out-of-bounds. This isn’t a Facebook-powered comment section on the local newspaper’s blog.

Our decisions will likely be just like those of the NCAA: arbitrary. Some people will need to be tossed and others we’ll keep around for the spirited debate. We want this space to be fun and interesting, to have opposing views, but we’re not going to be perfect in our decision-making. There may be double-standards. We’re not perfect, we’re trying to improve a little every day.

Those sound good by you all? Would you make any changes? If you have comments, concerns, email us at rumbleinthegarden [at] Or tell us in the comments if you think this is comprehensive!