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AM Rumble: RIP Garfinkel, Minnesota player arrest, Big 12 expansion

Plus some comings and goings in college basketball and the newest Presidential candidate out of Oxford, MS.

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In a wacky election year, some traditional news outlets are taking potshots at data-driven election predictions...

Howard Garfinkel, the co-founder of the Five Star Camps, died over the weekend at 86 years old.

Five Star Basketball had this statement about his passing on Twitter:

A little more on Garfinkel from The Shadow League.

Also in college basketball, the University of Minnesota - no stranger to player discipline issues - has upped the ante to sexual assault. Reggie Lynch has been arrested on suspicion of rape, though the Hennepin County officials are holding the player without officially charging him as they find facts; the County has 36 hours from when the player was officially booked (we think?) to file the charges.

(Though he was arrested at 2:30 am on Sunday and booked at 1:24 pm on Sunday.)

Minnesota had a player arrested for domestic violence a year ago and a quartet of players suspended for violating team rules last season. Lynch is a transfer from Illinois State who was expected to handle a large role in the paint for Richard Pitino's team. he has been suspended from the team indefinitely.

In more standard news:

The Big 12 wants to expand! And Oklahoma is for it... well, part of Oklahoma is for it. The idea is that, for football purposes, taking the league from 10 to 12 teams means the league would have a playoff, which should get the schools a better shot at the College Football Playoff.

But! Some of the Board of Regents of the University are vocally and publicly against expansion. The chairman of the Board of Regents is Max Weitzenhoffer, who told CBS Sports, "I don't know what we have to gain. We're not on the same page [as expansion advocates]. They keep talking about more money, but it's really not that much more money."

Popcorn GIF the IT Crowd

Today's offseason must-see - there's rumblings of a new presidential candidate coming from Oxford Mississippi.

And let's appreciate Stephen Curry eviscerating the Blazers in overtime and woofing at the crowd.