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FIBA U20 European Championship: streaming Saturday games

Spain in the semifinals; Italy gets a chance with a revenge rematch.

Olympic Torch Relay, Day 28
We just like this picture in Helsinki.
Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Just two more days of the FIBA U20 European Championships, and we’re seeing the range of what Mussini and Sima can do, while getting a chance toFriday came with a blowout at the hands of what might be the best team in the Tournament (Italy’s loss to Turkey) and a steady takedown (Spain’s defeat of Latvia).


Italy moves into the 5-8 consolation bracket, playing the Czech Republic. The Czech team is led by Matej Svoboda, who has averaged 21 points and six rebounds over their five games... including 28 points against Italy in the first game of the U20 Tournament last Saturday. Svoboda led the Czechs in all games except their last loss to Lithuania.

Watch Italy vs Czech Republic live [7:00 AM]

Spain takes on Germany at 11:30 AM, and will need to contend with a balanced German attack. The Germans have three players averaging in double figures, with Andreas Obst leading the way with 15 per game (though his three-point shooting is inconsistent). Eighteen-year old Kostja Mushidi is a German wing who is on NBA radars for his athleticism. He will also do double-duty playing with Richard Freudenberg’s under-19 squad in a week, as may 6’6" wing Karim Jallow.

Watch Spain vs Germany [11:30 AM]