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FIBA U20 European Championship: streaming Sunday games (plus FIBA Africa coverage)

Watch Yankuba Sima, Federico Mussini and a 2018 commit with the Rumble.

Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Federico Mussini and Yankuba Sima cap off their seven-game FIBA Under-20 European Championship tournament with one more Sunday game.

Spain vs. Lithuania, 2:00 PM

Yankuba Sima’s Spain plays in the final at 2:00 PM. Turkey, a team that has young Omar Yurtseven (18), an incoming freshman at NC State next year, were knocked off by a fourth-quarter flurry of points by the Lithuanian squad, sending the Turkish to the third-place game against Germany. The Lithuanians have gone 4-2 in the tournament, led by three Martynases averaging between 11 and 12 points - Martynas Echodas, Martynas Sajus, and Martynas Varnas.

Spain, who defeated Germany in the semifinal, has not faced Lithuania in this tournament.

Italy vs Latvia, 7:00 AM

Meanwhile, the Italian squad has gone 3-3, with Diego Flaccadori leading the backcourt in scoring, but Mussini providing high-energy activity. We’re hoping to see Mussini more in attack mode as this tournament comes to a close.


The competition may not be as great but St. John’s 2018 commit Boubacar Diakite is also playing in a FIBA Tournament, captaining Mali’s Under-18 side in the 2016 FIBA Africa U18.

The Malians take on Rwanda at 12:00 noon.

Diakite started the tournament on Friday, scoring 4 points on 1/5 shooting (0/4 inside the arc, 1/1 from outside, 1/6 from the free throw line). He displayed a willingness to move the ball and an aggressive slashing move that drew a foul early on.