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AM Rumble: $2M on the line for Horne + Kennedy

Plus the MLB trade deadline, Team USA’s reaction to Draymond Green’s junk, Rio’s Olympic buildings have unfinished business, and more

Big East Basketball Tournament: Marquette v St. John's Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images

Tomorrow in the $2 million dollar The Basketball Tournament, former St. John’s players DJ Kennedy and Paris Horne go for the big money in the final tomorrow night. The pair of 2011 St. John’s grads, who play overseas in the fall and winter, are joined by fellow former college ball grads like Myck Kabongo, Kyle Fogg, and Kennedy’s high school teammate DeAndre Kane. Horne and Kennedy won last year’s title, along with Myck Kabongo, pocketing $100,000 each.

The Olympic Village in Rio, like many recent hastily constructed Olympic Villages, is not getting rave reviews for its electricity or the sinks. The Olympics: always a grandiose attempt at building that falls short and leaves the host with a bunch of things that don’t work. But, flags and gymnastics!

Long Island University, one of St. John’s opponents next season, has lost their second Icelandic star in two years. Guard Martin Hermannsson has signed a professional contract in France, despite having two more years of eligibility - and despite the signing coming in late July. Hermannsson was an all-NEC player and averaged 16 points per game last year. As the link above points out, though, Hermannsson is 22 years old, and it might feel like time for the pro opportunities.

Today is Major League Baseball’s first trade deadline - the last chance for teams to trade players without sending the player through waivers first (where a team higher on the waiver priority list can claim a player). The CBS live blog has coverage. The New York Mets are looking at power hitting Reds outfielder Jay Bruce, who would clog up an outfield spot with Cespedes/ Granderson/ Conforto. Nimmo/ Whoever Remains.

The trade deadline has made the Yankees’ Dellin Betances a closer.

Draymond Green posted something NSFW on Snapchat. (Isn’t that what Snapchat is for?) The pros on Team USA decided to post a clean replication of the pic. Imitation is the best form of flattery, but following that statement to a logical conclusion would require me to veer in a direction that is not family-friendly.

The Los Angeles Rams (that’s strange to say again after twelve years!) are missing running back Tre Mason, who has struggled with mental health issues.