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Syracuse lists St. John’s in bottom tier of ticket plan

Them’s fightin’ words! (Not a real fight. An on-court fight.)

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at St. John
You should probably guard that guy
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Shade, fully thrown by the Syracuse program that lost to a bad St. John’s team last year and to a decent St. John’s team the year before.

St. John’s, which played Syracuse yearly as an in-conference Big East rivalry, continues the games against the Orange with a non-conference matchup in Syracuse on Wednesday, December 21.

This week, Syracuse announced single-game ticket availability, with dynamic pricing available in four tiers, from the Tier I games of Georgetown and Duke to the Tier IV games of Colgate, Holy Cross, South Carolina State, Boston University, Monmouth, Eastern Michigan, North Florida and St. John’s.

First, way to fill the non-con with cupcakes and Monmouth and St. John’s.

Second, damn, ouch. Even Boston College (ACC Conference game, 7-25) and Cornell (Ivy League, 10-18) both are Tier III games.

St. John’s had a poor record (8-24) in Chris Mullin’s first year, so being in the lowest/ cheapest tier makes some sense. But a longtime rivalry, coupled with the two game losing streak Syracuse has made the Orange salty.

Or perhaps Upstate NY’s College Team wants to get the cheapest, drunkest fans to pack the house against the Red Storm, to help boost the team’s mediocre performance against the Red Storm for the past two years running.

That mediocre performance included staying in the zone when simple man pressure disrupted the Johnnies all year. That Syracuse win preceded a stretch where St. John’s went 1-21 to end the year. Syracuse was granted entry into the NCAA Tournament for reasons that remain obscure to non-Syracuse fans. But they went to the Final Four, proving that poor performance and outlier losses are not always predictors of postseason success.

Enough shade. For St. John’s fans, here is action:

For the general public, game tickets aren’t available until October 18th, while Syracuse alums and season ticket holders get first crack at purchasing tickets.

So mark your calendar for October 18th, save your coffee money or your movie money. (If you smoke, this is a good reason to quit! Use that money to get to Syracuse on Wednesday, December 21.)

Make the trip to the Dome. We’ll be there to see if St. John’s can make it three in a row. Will you?