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St. John’s/ Georgetown Q & A with Casual Hoya

Two storied programs. Two bottom-of-the-league stragglers

NCAA Basketball: Butler at Georgetown Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Before tomorrow’s game against the Georgetown Hoyas, we wanted to get a feel for the “I don’t want to talk about it” misery felt so deeply by the Hoya faithful, who have seen what could have been a bounceback season bounce back into the kind of mediocrity last seen under Craig Escherick.

Loving the sound of misery, we emailed with Andrew over at Casual Hoya and exchanged some questions...

Here is the result, written and posted during the Golden Globes, a display f TV & movie excellence in stark contrast to the hardwood non-excellence which St. John’s and Georgetown try to work themselves out of.

RMBL: Georgetown isn't bad, per se, but they're kind of bad. Explain how they can be within ten points in 4 losses but solidly... bad.

Casual Hoya: Kind of bad? Hey, I'll take it! Listen, I'm watching the Golden Globes right now and I'm in a good mood and really don't want to ruin my evening while answering these, so the best I can give you as that this season has been like jumping into a swimming pool full of gasoline, drowning in said pool, but before you actually die from drowning someone throws a match into the pool and lights you on fire. Ooh, it's Sofia Vergara!

RMBL: Tell us about which tall player would like to dunk on an undersized front line and burnish their pro highlight reel.

Casual Hoya: My heart is telling me Jessie Govan but my hands are typing NO ONE. Ooh, La La Land's "City of Stars" won for Best Original Song, well deserved!

RMBL: Have the Hoyas considered rolling with the times and getting an oversized gold-plated Georgetown logo to hang in the Verizon Center? Why or why not?

Casual Hoya: If you're going to go through the trouble of making anything gold-plated, why would you want to hang it somewhere where it's going to be seen by 100 people? Sarah Paulson was superb as Marcia Clark in The People v. OJ Simpson, good win for her in a tough category!

RMBL: What SHOULD be a strength of this Hoyas team, and why hasn't it been a consistent strength (or has it been?)

Casual Hoya: At the start of the season the Hoyas had two guys that were at one time projected as NBA Draft picks (Isaac Copeland and Jessie Govan), a new guy who could get buckets quickly from anywhere on the court (Rodney Pryor) and one guy who was their best player who could terrorize the Big East (LJ Peak). Now, Copeland is gone, Govan has regressed, Pryor had a whopping zero points against Butler and Peak is trying to do everything by himself. Georgetown has great size and seemingly has athleticism, but you wouldn't know it by watching them play. Wait, how did Mandy Moore not win that award! Rigged!

RMBL: Who is the center, exactly?

Casual Hoya: The aforementioned Jessie Govan will start against the Johnnies at center. He's only a sophomore and has a lot of time to develop, but he hasn't been good this season. Jessie has a really good outside shot for a big, but his footwork in the post isn't all that great, he's a poor defender, he really needed to add muscle after last season and actually seems to be leaner, and he needs to get tougher. Unfortunately that really can't be taught. Ryan Gosling for the win! Huge!

RMBL: How enjoyable is it to beat Syracuse. Fist-bump, conference chum.

Casual Hoya: Word up! Fist-bumps and Texas Forever.