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Podcast: previewing the Advocare Invitational with Blogging the Bracket

St. John’s, West Virginia and...?

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at St. John Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

St. John's swings into Thanksgiving week 4-0, with a nationally-televised, bracketed tournament to showcase themselves in. It's the kind of sessions like these where school reputations are made, and where players gain the confidence they will need through the grueling conference play.

We welcome Blogging the Bracket's Chris Dobbertean to dish about the Advocare Invitational Field, and where it ranks against other tournaments. Spoiler: it's not the tops of the tourney field. Thanks, Nike.

  • How does the Advocare Invitational rate as a tournament?
  • The issue with facing the wrong teams in the Advocare Tourney?
  • What's the worst path, the best path?
  • The dangers of facing the University of Central Florida - plus the potential of the rest of field.
  • How has St. John's looked?
  • The decline of Twitter as a "sports bar".

Plus listener questions on the front court and recruiting.

Thank you for listening to the podcast.

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