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Golden State Warriors visit St. John’s University

The Warriors paid a visit to campus.

Courtesy of St. John’s official photo gallery.

The Brooklyn Nets played host to the Golden State Warriors this past Sunday. In that bout, the Warriors prevailed by a 118-111 score.

On Tuesday, Golden State took to the hardwood at Taffner Fieldhouse for one final practice before leaving New York.

Current St. John’s head coach Chris Mullin has used his strong connections with the Warriors to his advantage. This is the second time in three seasons that Golden State has practiced at the Red Storm’s facility. In this instance, St. John’s players were able to witness the defending World Champions prepare, and interact with the team after practice.

Before coaching the Johnnies, Mullin spent nearly 20 years within the Warriors organization as a player and executive. His superb play on the court and successes in the front office were recognized in 2012, as the Warriors retired Mullin’s number.

“Well we love Mully [Mullin], I like that he was wearing his “The Town” shirt, representing,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr at practice. “[I] talked to him [Mullin] a little bit, they are [St. John’s] off to a good start, 4-0. [It is] fun to come to St. John’s, and this is the second practice we’ve had here since Mully’s [Mullin] been here. Nice connection.”

St. John’s took in the Warriors practice before departing for the AdvoCare Invitational Tournament. On Thursday afternoon, the Johnnies will take on the Beavers of Oregon State. As reported by St. John’s in a press release, Golden State shooter Klay Thompson offered encouraging words to the Red Storm ahead of their Thanksgiving matchup.