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Did you join the Rumble's 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket pool? Don't wait!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It's NCAA Tournament time and you KNOW you have a good feel for the winds of momentum. You know Purdue is going to the Final Four. Or maybe Wichita State? Or possibly it's Gonzaga's time?

Let's get on bracket making.

Join the Rumble's Tourney Upside today and start a bracket on Yahoo.

  • No, we can't afford prizes, just bragging rights. Lots of bragging rights. Like mentioning the time that some team lost a 3-1 advantage in the NBA Finals.
  • We are going with a seed difference multiplier too, because we love upset picks.
  • Each round is worth an increasing number of points (Round of 64 is worth 1 point, A team that wins the Final is worth 6 points).

And then you get points for the difference between lower and higher seeds if an upset happens and you picked it.

We want all of you to join, because it’s gonna be good bragging rights - and something to talk about during our NCAA Tournament open threads.

Also, because I am all about the story of New Orleans winning an NCAA Tournament game afdter having the program almost ended for lack of funds. Or maybe I'm about Florida Gulf Coast pulling off an upset.

And also I'm about Mike Daum of South Dakota State.

Again, the link, for those of you who need to cut and paste: and “join group.”