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Be a winner! Join the Rumble’s NCAA Tournament pick ‘em

Tournament time is bracket time.

2016 NIT Championship Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

It's almost NCAA Tournament time and that means it’s time for a NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em bracket challenge!

(There’s no money involved. Put your wallets away.)

There's no reason to stop watching basketball after a so-so season. It's a chance to look at other teams and talk about how, realistically, St. John's can emulate those successes and strengths.

So let's get that out of the way first.

Join the Rumble's Tourney Upside today and start a bracket on Yahoo.

  • No, we can't afford prizes, just bragging rights. Some of you all know you love to brag.
  • We are going with a seed difference multiplier too, because we love upset picks.
  • Each round is worth an increasing number of points (Round of 64 is worth 1 point, A team that wins the Final is worth 6 points).

And then you get points for the difference between lower and higher seeds if an upset happens and you picked it.

We want all of you to join, because it’s gonna be good bragging rights - and something to talk about during our NCAA Tournament open threads.

Again, the link, for those of you who need to cut and paste: and “join group.”