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Game thread: St. John's vs Georgetown

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Two storied Big East rivals meet on day one of the Big East Tournament with less on the line than in, say, 1985. Both squads have losing records. Both play tonight for the chance to knock off - or be eviscerated by - Villanova at midday tomorrow.

But the basketball season lives on.

For some reason, people feel we live in a world of turmoil. But consider this: St. John's can beat Georgetown twice in a season since... since... whatever, a long time ago. And Jim Boeheim is whining about the conference he is in and waiting to see if Syracuse is an NIT team - thanks in large part to the whipping the Johnnies laid on Cuse back in December.

A win tonight over Georgetown would be a little more sunshine, a little more good times for the Red Storm faithful.

But can St. John's overcome their known and noted disadvantage - size - to defeat the Hoyas? Can the Johnnies create turnovers like they did in the last game?

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