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Robbery? Justin Patton wins Big East Freshman of the Year award

Over Shamorie Ponds?

NCAA Basketball: Creighton at St. John’s
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Patton, the winner of the Big East’s Freshman of the Year award, is excellent. But should he have won the Big East’s Frosh award over Shamorie Ponds, the Preseason Freshman of the Year who has delivered all season?

But Shamorie Ponds has won the Big East Player of the Week five times, more than Patton. Patton has struggled in the last few weeks - and really, in the time since Maurice Watson, Creighton’s star point guard, went down with an injury.

So why is Patton the freshman of the year?

Perhaps it’s the team records - with St. John’s at 13-17 and Creighton at 23-8.

It could be Patton’s gaudy 2-point shooting percentage on the season (70%), high-level rebounding and NBA potential.

But Ponds has been a more efficient player in conference play, played more minutes, and found ways to score. (Granted, his three-point shooting percentage is at 31% in conference play).

It’s a disappointment to have Shamorie Ponds not win the award. But at least he and Marcus LoVett were both members of the all-freshman team.

Cold comfort, but hot motivation.