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Game thread: St. John's vs Villanova Wildcats (BE Tournament)

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Storm have been down and occasionally up. They've knocked off some good teams and have had some very poor stretches. They have had hope and left fans wondering.

But today, they have a chance to put a stamp on the up-and-down season with a win that no one would expect.

Today at noon, the Big East Tournament's slate of four games kicks off with what should be a loud and exciting game between St. John's and the Villanova Wildcats, a team with a realistic chance to make the NCAA Tournament's Final Four once more. But the Wildcats know that at their best, St. John's matches up decently with them. No, there is no excellent inside game for the Johnnies, but the guards, young and confident, can give Villanova fits on both eneds.

Is today the day the johnnies defeat Villanova for the first time in a long time?


Will the fans show up and make it feel like a home game?


Let's get talking.