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Podcast: after the season, can we call the St. John’s 2016-17 a success?

A look back at St. John’s men’s basketball with Joseph from FanRag.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-St. John's vs Georgetown
Ready to argue? The podcast is HERE!
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We are back in the podcast life again to talk St. John’s, after resting a bit late in the season.

Tell your friends! Listen on the way home! Send a Snapchat! We are talking about the St. John's season that just ended an thinking a little about what the future holds. By "we," I mean I am joined by FanRag Sport's college basketball writer Joseph Nardone.

This podcast’s topics:

Recap of the season

Was it a good season? In praise of the guards & the issue of trust

The strange year of Darien Williams

The Kassoum Yakwe regression

Richard Freudenberg's rough year

Integrating players/ style of play

How can St. John's move up the ladder? What is the baby jump?

Rumble in the Garden, Season 1, Episode 8 – right-click to download. Like it? Hate it? Comment or email us about it at or on twitter at @RumbleSBN.

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