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Who would be on your all-time St. John’s team?

A look back at glory days (& weaker seasons) to look for all-time teams

Lou Carneseca

This weekend - something to think about...

Who would be on your all-time St. John's team?

Tim Ferguson reached out with some comments, and we started thinking about how maybe players like Shamorie Ponds and Marcus LoVett have a chance to be considered among the greats of St. John's - not mediocre company.

But then again - who should we consider? Is it too soon to think of who might be remembered 50 years in the future?

This is where you come in.

We are thinking of crafting an all-time team, but also a team of the best of the 2010s, best of the 2000s, best of the 1990s, best of the 1980s, best of the 1970s and earlier (before my time, but I know some of you come with that knowledge).

Consideration can be given to longevity with St. John's, while recognizing that the days of signing on as a freshman and remaining for four years with the same college team are not the norm they once were.

Also, as you do your research - what player or players from the past would truly make a difference if they were on this coming year's team.

Which player would fill needs which, you deem the 2017-18 team appears to have.

Perhaps it is not a star but a reliable role player that fills in needed gaps.

Take a little time. Look up some stats. Do some googling. And make your case for five players, or five players from each decade. Some names we have already mentioned:

Chris Mullin

Mark Jakson

Walter Berry

Malik Sealy

D`Angelo Harrison

Ron Artest

Zendon Hamilton

Sunny Dove

LeRoy Ellis

Felipe Lopez

Marcus Hatten

Dwight Hardy

D.J. Kennedy

Tony Jackson

Shawnelle Scott

George Johnson

Alan Seiden

Billy Paultz

Charles Minlend

Bill Wennington

Note: Many players in the past did not play specified positions like "point guard" or "power forward". Most guards and forwards had multiple skills with only the centers having a more specific, post-up type role.

When we say an all-time team we mean just that. The top five players, who when playing together would shine better than any other top five players.

For example, someone has to set up the players in the point guard role even if they did not specifically play "point guard" because the designation was not used in their playing days. However, their skills indicate that they would have excelled in the role.

We will do a poll next week and come up with some Rumble consensus all-time teams in the weeks after that.

So jump on in, start talking in the comments!

Spike Lee