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Counterpoint: St. John’s is one of the best jobs in the Big East

Put some respect on their name.

Ron Artest #15...

Big East Coast Bias is a phenomenal website. Few websites cover the Big East so well. If you haven’t checked out their work before, I’d highly recommend paying a visit to their page.

Unfortunately, Big East Coast Bias had a little slip-up last week. In an article in which they ranked all ten Big East coaching gigs, they listed St. John’s as the ninth best job in the conference, only above DePaul. They metrics used to rank each program were facilities, prominence of local high school talent, and program prestige. Below you can find their explanation for such a low listing.

Starting off with facilities, the Red Storm have an array of venues unlike any other around the Big East. The Johnnies have also very recently improved many of their buildings.

While Carnesecca Arena is smaller and older than most Big East gyms, recent renovations put Carnesecca on par with most courts around the conference. Back in 2005, the university invested $30 million into upgrading the gym. As a part of their improvement efforts, Taffner Field House was constructed, a 43,000 square foot practice facility. In January, Taffner completed an improvement project that modernized the facility, even more, making it one of the best practice gyms in college basketball.

In addition, St. John’s recently upgraded the two jumbotrons to Carnesecca up to date. Only seating 5,602 fans, Carnesecca provides an intimidate basketball atmosphere in which passionate fans can vehemently root on their Johnnies. Since the arena opened in 1961, the Red Storm are 443-83 (.842) on the old Alumni Hall hardwood.

Last but certainly not least, the Red Storm get to call Madison Square Garden home. Often referred to as The World’s Most Famous Arena, St. John’s is privileged to play on a court that symbolizes athletic excellence. They share the court with the likes of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Liberty, among many other prominent figures that perform at Madison Square Garden. Back in 2011, the Garden received a $1 billion renovation that further secured The World’s Most Famous Arena as one of the best venues in all of sports. No other college basketball program can call Madison Square Garden home, giving a significant advantage to St. John’s in regards to facilities.

Furthermore, New York City acts as a hotbed for high school talent, and St. John’s always provides an opportunity for those athletes to play major college basketball in their communities. Chris Mullin has recently made inroads recruiting in New York. Mullin and staff have landed the likes of New Yorkers such as Shamorie Ponds, Boubacar Diakite, and Sidney Wilson while getting involved with Moses Brown. Even outside of those players that don a St. John’s uniform, New York produces great basketball talent. Some players include Tobias Harris, Isaiah Whitehead, Angel Delgado, Dakari Johnson, among others. Basketball is cherished in New York City, and it is shown with the continuous production of high school athletes that one day take the hardwood of not only college arenas, but professional ones as well.

Lastly, St. John’s is one of the most prestigious programs in the Big East, largely in part to their illustrious history spanning back 110 years. St. John’s is a program that has produced numerous NBA talents, appeared in 28 NCAA Tournaments, and won over 1,800 contests all-time, good for ninth-most victories in college basketball history. The next closest Big East school to that win tally is Villanova, as the Wildcats have collected 1,713 wins in 97 seasons.

There are no hard feelings towards our friends at Big East Coast Bias. All we are saying is that St. John’s is one of the best coaching gigs in the conference. Few other schools offer such a combination of prestige, location, and such pristine facilities.