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Podcast: the Rutgers/ St. John’s rivalry returns (with On the Banks)

Our special guests come on the podcast, bringing all the flavor of the Big Ten’s swamp team with them

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Justin Simon, defended by Rutgers’ defensive stalwart Isaa Thiam
Wendell Cruz

We used to friends! We used to be rivals! Now, St. John’s vs. Rutgers are so close, but in terms of conferences, so far away, playing a one-off game to finish off the Gavitt Games series.

But it’s still a chance to catch up with the rebuild in the middle of the Garden State.

St. John’s vs Rutgers may not be bigger than Duke/ UNC or even Harvard/ Yale, but the Epic Battle will be discussed with our favorite Rutgers people -- On the Banks manager Aaron Breitman and Dave White, who used to manage the site (and used to do the Not Half Bad podcast with Norman, for those who have been following the Rumble for a minute).

We shoot that breeze about the two teams, Veronica Mars, and also:

5:30- talking undefeated Rutgers

9:30 - the changes in Rutgers now that Corey Sanders has moved on

20:00 - will St. John’s extend the rotation

26:00 - is this what we expected going into the season?

33:00 - Rutgers defense, zone, lockdown defender

37:00 - The Quinnipiac stars meet on the court for the first time.

42:00 - gut feelings about St. John’s, Rutgers for the season

46 minutes, 22 MB

Rumble in the Garden podcast: Season 4, episode 4 Right-click to download. Like it? Hate it? Think we were too soft? Need fall activity recommendations? Comment or email us about it at or on twitter at @RumbleSBN.

46:00 minutes, 22 MB

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