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Marcus LoVett leaves St. John’s, is pursuing professional opportunities

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The talented guard, recovering from injury, chooses to move on.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-St. John's vs Villanova Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In what may not come as a shock to the St. John’s fanbase at large, Marcus LoVett will not be returning to the St. John’s program.

“Right now I feel it is best for me to return home, get healthy and explore all options for my basketball future,” said Marcus LoVett in a prepared statement from the school. “It has always been a goal of mine to play professional basketball, so I am committed to working hard to position myself for the best available opportunity.”

LoVett, who was in Chris Mullin’s first recruiting class, sat out his first year because of NCAA academic eligibility rules, but was a major part of last year’s team — and this year’s team, as well, before his injury in the UCF game.

After being day-to-day for a month, St. John’s received news via Twitter by his father that LoVett was out for the season.

“We wish Marcus the best of luck,” said head coach Chris Mullin. “I know this wasn’t an easy decision for him, but we respect and understand it. He’s a good basketball player and a good person with a bright future ahead.”

At a time when there is so much to be happy about, it is also important that Red Storm fans do not take the opportunity to lash out.

LoVett is a player who helped to rebuild the program, keeping St. John’s in games last season, and leading the scoring against UCF. His contributions on and off the court helped to make this team better, and it is his right to do what he believes is the best option.

Keep in mind that these athletes are young men who, like anyone in the world, would pursue the best option available. LoVett chose to return this season despite feeling the pull to explore professional options. Additionally, LoVett is old for his class (already 21) and is ready to move into the real world.

They do not owe us anything, and while the situation was shrouded in mystery, it is what it is and St. John’s will move on with the likes of sophomore transfer Mikey Dixon and incoming freshman Greg Williams next season.

LoVett in Review

In his first season with the Red Storm, the 6’0” guard averaged 15.9 points, 3.8 assists, and 2.9 rebounds. In his second season, he averaged 14.9 points, 1.7 assists, and 2.1 rebounds. His second season was cut short after a knee injury sidelined him after the UCF victory, and he was eventually ruled out for the season.

He will be a big loss, but others will come along and make an impact.

We wish Marcus the best of luck down the road, and we appreciate everything that he has done for the program.