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PM Rumble: Big East NBA Draft decisions; St. John’s recruiting notes

The Big East may lose two major talents for next season

NCAA Basketball: St. John at Georgetown Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know Patriots owner Robert Kraft visited jailed Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill in prison? Mr. Mill is in jail for 2-4 years on parole violations, and there are some issues with his original conviction.

Now you know! Let’s talk about some college hoops.

In college basketball news

The FBI continues investigating NCAA programs, shoe companies: Kansas and North Carolina State were named in the latest indictment from the Manhattan US Attorney’s office. The new federal charges involve payments around two Kansas players and one NC State player; there is still the question about whether any of this is illegal by US rules, not just by NCAA rules.

It’s Coach Penny now: New Memphis coach Penny Hardaway is hunting for late prospects after taking the job over. As a cherished alumni and NBA great, he hopes to restore Memphis to their former glory by snagging local recruits in the talent-rich Memphis area. Perhaps that sounds familiar.

Big East News

He’s gone. Marcus Derrickson, the Georgetown forward you may remember from some fateful free throws against St. John’s in overtime, has declared for the NBA Draft. Derrickson will sign with an agent.

Let’s thank him for this bit of G.O.A.T. coaching commentary [ESPN Video Link].

He might go. Creighton’s Khyri Thomas, who could be a late first-round NBA pick, has declared for the NBA Draft without signing with an agent.

If you’re wondering what the Blue Jays might do to fill the void, Creighton is expecting a visit from coveted grad transfer Joe Cremo of Albany, who would be eligible for next season.

Today, a peacock. Saint Peter’s College hires Seton Hall assistant and former star Shaheen Holloway to head their program. The Saint Peter’s Peacocks former coach, John Dunne, left for another job in-conference and up the Hudson Valley at Marist.


2018: Wing David Caraher, a transfer from Houston Baptist, has a visit to St. John’s this weekend. Will it go well?

Caraher was a standout in the Southland Conference, winning their Freshman of the Year award. He should be able to translate some of his jump shooting to the Big East level, and rebounded well.

2018: St. John’s will be hosting high school senior Maurice Calloo for an official visit on the weekend of April 27. Illinois will host him this weekend, Ole Miss will host him on April 20.

We covered the Canadian forward Maurice Calloo here; the staff may see untapped potential a his size and agility combination (6’8”, fairly fluid, can shoot from outside of the arc) that has not consistently met production.

2018: For what it’s worth, this update on five-star transfer guard Jalek Felton from North Carolina says Chris Mullin (spelled “Mullen?”) of St. John’s reached out to him.

2019: An analysis of Kahlil Whitney, the guard from Chicago who lives in New Jersey. The 6’6” wing should be a major target for the Johnnies, and will host them for an in-home visit this month. Syracuse and Louisville are also hot on the scoring guard, who is a top-50, top-60 player in most scouting outlets.

2019: Center Kofi Cockburn of Christ the King, who is on the Red Storm’s radar, will be in this Friday’s Nike Hoops Summit on ESPN2 (10 PM), playing for the World Team; he was born in Jamaica.

2019: Guard prospect Jalen Gaffney received an offer from Temple. He will receive an in-home visit this weekend from St. John’s.

NCAA Rules

The NCAA wants to update the transfer rules, maybe; but competing interests and the issue that one rule cannot solve the very different issues that players, schools, different sports and coaches have with the current transfer rules could mean that a solution will NOT come this year, as hoped.