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2019 college basketball odds: St. John’s has a chance

Is Vegas seeing a weaker Big East next season - and a St. John’s rise?

Port Adelaide Football Player Dies In Las Vegas Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

If you were wondering, St. John’s actually rates on the bookmakers’ opening odds to win the national title in men’s hoops next season, one of five teams that popped up on Bovada’s list.

For what it’s worth, Villanova has far and away the best odds to win (8/1), and St. John’s is lumped in as part of a surprising quartet with 80/1 odds, which includes Butler, Seton Hall and Xavier.

Missing, because a lot of senior talent is leaving: Providence, but expect them to surprise with incoming young talent. Seton Hall should, logically, be in that same group; the only returnees who were a big part of the rotation are Myles Powell and Myles Cale, with Michael Nzei a possible returnee.

Curiously missing: Creighton and Marquette. Both teams bring back a bunch of young talent. Not curious, but also missing: Georgetown and DePaul.

It’s early still, and teams are still recruiting grad transfers that could fill in big holes and freshmen who could move the needle slightly.

Team Odds

Vegas college basketball title odds for 2019, 4/4

Team Odds
Team Odds
Duke 6/1
Kansas 7/1
Kentucky 8/1
Villanova 8/1
North Carolina 12/1
Auburn 18/1
Gonzaga 20/1
Michigan State 20/1
Virginia 20/1
Michigan 25/1
Nevada 30/1
Oregon 30/1
Tennessee 30/1
West Virginia 30/1
Florida 40/1
Maryland 40/1
UCLA 40/1
Purdue 50/1
Texas Tech 50/1
Wichita State 50/1
Arizona State 60/1
Cincinnati 60/1
Clemson 60/1
Miami (FL) 60/1
NCState 60/1
Ohio State 60/1
Syracuse 60/1
Vanderbilt 60/1
Baylor 80/1
Butler 80/1
Florida State 80/1
Louisville 80/1
LSU 80/1
Mississippi State 80/1
Penn State 80/1
Seton Hall 80/1
St. John's 80/1
TCU 80/1
Texas 80/1
TexasA&M 80/1
Virginia Tech 80/1
Wisconsin 80/1
Xavier 80/1
Arizona 100/1
Notre Dame 100/1
Loyola Chicago 200/1