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Athletic Director Anton Goff leaves St. John’s

A bit of a Friday Afternoon Surprise

In an offseason that has featured a lot of change and transfers, one of the most surprising may be the departure of Anton Goff, the Athletic Director who has been on the job for two years.

Hired after a sixteen month stretch with no official Athletic Director after Chris Monasch stepped down from the post, Goff provided an energetic and engaging face (on Twitter, at least) to fans. He maintained positivity in the face of a trying basketball season under head coach Chris Mullin, and had said he would review possible staff changes after the season — changes that have not yet come to fruition.

This season, however, the women’s team made strides, as did the lacrosse program; men’s baseball enjoyed success, as did men’s soccer and women’s soccer. The basketball court also began a renovation.

Per a press release, Goff will step down due to “family reasons” and will leave effective immediately. Associate Vice President for Athletics Kathleen Meehan will be Interim Director of Athletics. St. John’s will use an executive search firm for their search for the next Athletic Director.