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Catching up with St. John’s Marvin Clark and Bryan Trimble at Dribble for the Cure

Marvin Clark II and Bryan Trimble offer insights to the upcoming season. And Trimble’s shoe game.

David Combs

Yesterday, I had a chance to check out St. John’s men’s and women’s basketball teams while observing the St. John’s Dribble for the Cure, a one-day September fundraising event. The event, done in partnership with the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, attracts hundreds of participants annually and raised more than $500,000 for pediatric cancer research since 2011.

If you missed the event but still want to donate, click here for more information.

Catching Up with Marvin Clark II and Bryan Trimble Jr.

At the event, Marvin Clark II and Bryan Trimble Jr. were gracious enough to catch us up with what they worked on this summer and express their excitement about the upcoming Red Storm team.

Clark and Trimble have put in considerable work to improve their game and their bodies, some of which we previously noted here and here.

When asked about anything new in his routine in comparison to previous summers, Clark noted that he “worked out a lot more” than he did in the previous summer due to last summer being dedicated to readjusting to playing on the floor.

On a similar note, Trimble noted he is doing more to “monitor his eating” and “getting the right exercises, getting the right stretches, making sure I’m eating the right food, just all the little things that really matter.” Bryan Trimble is said to have lost some 20 pounds.

In terms of what they worked on over the off-season, the goal for both athletes were similar: become a more complete player.

Trimble stated that he wanted to be “more than just a shooter this year.” Further, Trimble believes he is “going to bring it more on defense this year” and “bring the old me back.”

Clark simply stated that he had a “great summer” and “focus[ed] on trying to be a more complete player.”

Both players seemed eager to talk about their teammates and the culture that currently exists at St. John’s.

Clark described this summer as “one of the first years where everything [was like] a complete family [or] a complete unit.” Clark elaborated, “[There’s] no cliques in the locker rooms, everybody has really locked in and bought in.”

When asked about who is going to push Trimble the most defensively, Trimble replied, “Everybody, honestly, our whole team just guarding each other every day, it’s crazy.” More specifically, Trimble noted “I guard Shamorie [Ponds] a lot, I guard Mikey [Dixon]... We’ve got Justin [Simon], Shamorie, Mustapha [Heron], Mikey, I can keep going, LJ [Figueroa], Greg [Williams Jr.], like, we’re stacked, so just guarding them every day will for sure get me right.”

Finally, as an aesthetic matter, Trimble is putting St. John’s fans on notice regarding his upcoming shoe choices. In case anyone forgot about Trimble’s bold shoe choices, see below (#12).

St. John’s v Villanova Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
St John’s v Xavier Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images
NCAA Basketball: St. John at Butler Thomas -USA TODAY Sports

When asked if he had any fun shoes planned for this season, Trimble smiled and said, “Be aware. I’ve got a lot in store. Be on the lookout.”

St. John’s fans have a lot to look forward to. Both Trimble and Clark appear to both have a lot in store, and that transcends beyond their shoes.