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Marvin Clark’s continued improvement: the senior wing’s workout video

Could Clark be even better in his final season?

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Bryan Trimble Jr. was not the only member of the Red Storm basketball team to share their workout from this off-season. Marvin Clark Jr. looked impressive in his workout video as well.

What we see from Clark in this video is a more refined version of what we saw from Clark last season: thunderous dunks, a smooth shot, and moves to the basket in only one or two dribbles. As such, the expectations of Marvin Clark II for next season include minor refinements of his play from last season.

Continued Offensive Production

While Clark showed several multiple ways of scoring last season, Clark demonstrated a focus on catch-and-shoot situations and scoring at the basket in his workout.

Over the course of the season, Clark averaged 12.5 points per games, finishing with the second most points on the team (414 points).

With the exception of the month of January, Clark’s points per game improved every single month over the course of the season.

David G. Combs - Data Source:

Clark took the second most three-point shots (158) on the team last season, second only to Shamorie Ponds (186). Of those with at least 40 three-point attempts on the Red Storm, Clark had the highest three-point shooting percentage (41%) on the team.

Whenever Clark was on the floor, he seemingly produced offensively, however...

Improved defense

Clark did not put himself in a position to stay on the floor. Clark finished last season with the most personal fouls on the Red Storm (112).

While personal fouls can be a result of aggressive defense, Clark did not have the defensive stats to justify the high quantity of fouls.

Tariq Owens had 94 blocks for his 102 fouls, and Justin Simon had 82 steals for his 90 fouls. Clark only had 5 blocks and 38 steals to show for his 112 fouls.

For the those who buy into the advanced metrics, Clark had a Defensive Rating (an estimate of points allowed per 100 possessions) of 103.7, only better than Bashir Ahmed (104.3), Amar Alibegovic (105.6), and Bryan Trimble Jr. (109.6).

Despite Clark’s underwhelming defensive performance last year, Clark is capable of being a quality defender this season. As shown in an offensive context in his workout video, Clark has considerable athleticism with which he can defend at a high level.

Additionally, Clark was recruited by and played for Tom Izzo at Michigan State. Michigan State maintains a “tough, gritty culture” with an emphasis on defense and rebounding. If Clark was either unable or unwilling to defend or rebound, his college career likely would not have started in East Lansing, Michigan.

Tenured leadership

While not a focus of his workout, Clark was not working out alone. Rather, he was there with sophomore guard Bryan Trimble Jr.

Marvin Clark II is the only senior on the Red Storm that will see regular floor time this season (senior Jay Camus has played 2 minutes in his college career).

Clark and Sedee Keita are the two on the St. John’s roster to have played in the Final Four. Their leadership and experience will hopefully be a factor.

With the high expectations for the Red Storm in the upcoming season (80/1 odds to win NCAA Tournament), Clark’s career experience (1,750 career minutes played) and post-season exposure will be invaluable if St. John’s is to succeed in the Big East.


Relative to expectations, Marvin Clark II has been as good as advertised and much more for the Red Storm. Clark described last season as his “best season individually,” and yet, a year later, Clark has the opportunity to be even better. If Clark can supplement his game and continue to display the leadership he is capable of, he will be an entertaining piece on an interesting Red Storm team.