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Anticipation post-redshirt: Mikey Dixon’s workout video

A year removed from Quinnipiac, how does the sophomore guard look?

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Redshirt sophomore guard Mikey Dixon, like Bryan Trimble Jr. (here) and Marvin Clark II (here), shared some highlights from one of his workouts earlier this summer.

While we did not get to see the former MAAC Rookie of the Year play for the Red Storm last year, Dixon describes his game as a “scoring combo guard” that “can shoot it, can dribble” and is a “scoring threat at the guard position.”

Based on what Dixon showed in his workout, here is what we can anticipate for the 6’ 2” guard from New Castle, Delaware.

Perimeter scoring

Outside of Sedee Keita (6’9”) and Josh Roberts (6’9”), St. John’s roster consists of entirely wings and guards.

If Coach Chris Mullin intends to prevent opposing teams from packing in the defense to prevent Shamorie Ponds from getting to the basket, St. John’s is going have to surround Ponds with two or more guys who can knock down open looks.

Based on Dixon’s workout, as well as his performance as a Quinnipiac Bobcat, Dixon should provide quality firepower from deep.

Dixon showed in his workout that at least in a casual setting, he can pull up in catch-and-shoot situations and off the dribble.

Prior to Dixon’s transfer to St. John’s, he shot just over 5 three-point attempts a game making 37% of them.

Secondary ball handling

At least for the upcoming season, Dixon and Justin Simon are likely to share the backup ball-handling role given that Ponds led the Big East in Usage Percentage at nearly 38%.

In his workout, Dixon shows a mix of exciting combinations off the dribble that will ideally translate into dazzling plays throughout the season.

However, Dixon will need to be more efficient with the basketball this season if he hopes to maintain a ball-handling role. Dixon averaged only 2.3 assists and 2.2 turnovers in 2016-2017.

That ratio does not compare favorably to Ponds’s 4.7 assists and 2.7 turnovers or Simon’s 5.1 assists to 2.9 turnovers from last season.

If Dixon’s assist-to-turnover ratio can improve, then his ability to score and create off the dribble will ideally result in Ponds getting more rest during games. Due to the small rotation the Red Storm utilized last season, Ponds lead the Big East in minutes per game (37).

Consistency offensively

While at Quinnipiac, Dixon was the offensive engine that made the team go.

The Bobcats were 5-16 in games where Dixon scored less than 20 points.

While Dixon will likely not have to shoulder that heavy a burden on offense for the Red Storms, he will need to produce more consistently than he did at Quinnapiac.

David G. Combs - Data Source:

In the context of a freshman whose team success was dependent on his production, Dixon excelled his freshman year.

Going into his redshirt sophomore year, one can expect that Dixon has worked to build upon the success he has had thus far, and the workout video shows that he has definitely put work in since he last donned a Bobcats jersey.


Dixon clearly has added some muscle and appears much stronger than he did in early 2017. He already showed he was athletic enough to get his own shot off while at Quinnipiac, and now he has added a strength element on top of that.

While already a dynamic scorer, Dixon will need to find a way to produce more consistently than he did at Quinnipiac as well as scoring within his role. Fortunately, these are skills that come with experience. Even if Dixon’s game has not improved since his freshman season, his skillset adds much needed depth that the Red Storm lacked last season.