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Waiver chance for Ian Steere unlikely?

Based on the ruling in a similar situation, Ian Steere will likely need to wait until December to suit up and play.

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Big East Basketball Media Day Photo by Porter BInks/Getty Images

For those waiting for transfer forward Ian Steere to be granted eligibility for the fall at St. John’s... the wait will be longer.

If the NCAA has consistency in this matter, expect that he will still be out until December.

A player in the same situation, Micah Potter, transferred from Ohio State to Wisconsin after playing in a preseason game last year. He expressed his desire to transfer before the first regular season game; since it was the middle of the semester, he did not leave until the end of tyhat first semester.

Wisconsin was hoping to get him on the floor this fall, but alas, the NCAA has denied his appeal to be reinstated earlier than the rules say — two full-length semesters from the time of transfer.

Wisconsin and Potter’s argument was that he did not suit up for regular season games, so this would be a third semester sitting out. The NCAA was not swayed by that argument.

Regarding Ian Steere, Steere decided to leave after playing in North Carolina State’s first regular season game, putting him on a later schedule. Like Potter, Steere left the ACC school for his next program in December.

The Red Storm will anticipate his size — he is the biggest player on the roster — while working in sophomore forward Josh Roberts, junior JUCO forward Damien Sears, and freshman Julian Champagnie, along with sophomores Marcellus Earlington and David Caraher, up front.

In other waver watch news, St. John’s is awaiting word on a waiver for guard Rasheem Dunn; his case looks more promising, with him already having redshirted at Cleveland State, before the late Spring firing of the coach he went to play for.