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Eli Wright to transfer from St. John’s

The Johnnies lose a slashing wing to transfer.

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi State at Texas A&M C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought it was safe to imagine what next year’s roster would look like for Mike Anderson and St. John’s, another player transfers.

Eli Wright, the four-star guard from Kentucky, is reportedly looking to transfer (by entering his name in the transfer portal*).

Wright, a 6’4” guard who transferred from Mississippi State in search of more playing time, leaves a situation where he would certainly have chances to shine with so many departures from the Red Storm. Wright did not play in a game for St. John’s; he sat out last season.

Was it because of the guards who have come in over the summer?

Or was it a fit that was uncomfortable, from the initial press conference, where Wright stood behind the new head coach alongside Mustapha Heron and LJ Figueroa?

Wright joins former high school teammate Sedee Keita as a transfer after the departure of former head coach Chris Mullin; Bryan Trimble Jr. also transferred after the season.

We wish Eli Wright the best.

The Red Storm team will be led by senior Mustapha Heron (who suffered an ankle sprain in the Pan Am games) and junior LJ Figueroa. Others will need to step in or step up. Certainly, guards like the newly-signed Rasheem Dunn and athletic returnee Greg Williams Jr. will see more minutes, barring a spectacular addition.

But, while this move frees up a roster spot, Wright’s departure also loses another player who had played on the high-major level for years, another player who was thought to have high-level potential in high school.

The newcomers have a lot to prove this season.

Wright will likely seek a waiver to play immediately. Unlike Rasheem Dunn, Wright’s former head coach left at the end of the semester, so the waiver may not be as cut-and-dried. Still, Eli Wright should have a chance to play next season.

Roster by class (1 scholarship available)

SR: Mustapha Heron (G), Nick Rutherford (G)

JR: LJ Figueroa (G/F), Rasheem Dunn (G), Damien Sears (F)

SO: Josh Roberts (F), Greg Williams Jr. (G), Ian Steere (F), David Caraher (G/F), Marcellus Earlington (G/F)

FR: Johnathan McGriff (G), Julian Champagnie (F)

Roster by position (1 scholarship available)

PG: Rasheem Dunn (JR), Johnathan McGriff (FR)

SG: Mustapha Heron (SR), Greg Williams Jr. (SO), Nick Rutherford (SR)

SF: LJ Figueroa (JR), David Caraher (SO)

F: Damien Sears (JR), Marcellus Earlington (SO), Julian Champagnie (FR)

F/C: Josh Roberts (SO), Ian Steere (SO)

*Cue Star Trek whooshing sound. It’s a list, not a teleportation device. I digress.