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St. John’s Basketball Coaches Join ‘Team New York’ to Fight Coronavirus

Coaches across the state of New York will use their platform to promote healthy practices.

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at St. John Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

As announced Wednesday in a press release, the 44 NCAA Division I basketball coaches in the state of New York has joined a historic coalition to combat COVID-19. This coalition dubbed ‘Team New York,’ allows coaches to provide a unified front when sharing safety tips on their social media pages. This group of coaches was organized by New York RENS executive director, Andy Borman, as well as Ben Horowitz, who is a graduate assistant at Syracuse University. Both Borman and Horowitz acknowledge that this campaign was inspired by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

St. John’s is represented by head men’s basketball coach Mike Anderson, as well as women’s coach Joe Tartamella. Both coaches have already taken to Twitter to do their part for this campaign.

Some other notable coaches joining this campaign include Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, as well as the new head man at Iona, Rick Pitino. Nevertheless, you can find the full list of coaches below.


  • Albany - Will Brown (Men’s), Colleen Mullen (Women’s)
  • Army - Jimmy Allen (Men’s), Dave Magarity (Women’s)
  • Binghamton - Tommy Dempsey (Men’s), Bethann Shapiro Ord (Women’s)
  • Buffalo - Jim Whitesell (Men’s), Felisha Legette-Jack (Women’s)
  • Canisius - Reggie Witherspoon (Men’s), Scott Hemer (Women’s)
  • Colgate - Matt Langel (Men’s), Bill Cleary (Women’s)
  • Columbia - Jim Engles (Men’s), Megan Griffith (Women’s)
  • Cornell - Brian Earl (Men’s), Dayna Smith (Women’s)
  • Fordham - Jeff Neubauer (Men’s), Stephanie Gaitley (Women’s)
  • Hofstra - Joe Mihalich (Men’s), Danielle Santos Atkinson (Women’s)
  • Iona - Rick Pitino (Men’s), Billi Chambers (Women’s)
  • LIU - Brooklyn - Derek Kellogg (Men’s), Rene Haynes (Women’s)
  • Manhattan - Steve Masiello (Men’s), Heather Vulin (Women’s)
  • Marist - John Dunne (Men’s), Brian Giorgis (Women’s)
  • Niagara - Greg Paulus (Men’s), Jada Pierce (Women’s)
  • Siena - Carmen Maciariello (Men’s), Ali Jaques (Women’s)
  • St. Bonaventure - Mark Schmidt (Men’s), Jesse Fleming (Women’s)
  • St. Francis - Brooklyn - Glenn Braica (Men’s), Linda Cimino (Women’s)
  • St. John’s - Mike Anderson (Men’s), Joe Tartamella (Women’s)
  • Stony Brook - Geno Ford (Men’s), Caroline McCombs (Women’s)
  • Syracuse - Jim Boeheim (Men’s), Quentin Hillsman (Women’s)
  • Wagner - Bashir Mason (Men’s), Heather Jacobs (Women’s)

“There is power in numbers,” said Borman in a press release. “Knowing that all 44 of these mentors - people who are often rivals - have come together to battle is whatmakes this state and this game unique,” Horwitz added. “David Stern would often ask ‘Can a ball change the world?’ And these 44 basketball leaders are saying it can.”