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Live game thread: St. John’s vs. Xavier

At 8:15, the Red Storm get back in action for the first time in three weeks.

NCAA Basketball: Seton Hall at Xavier Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

St. John’s is at Xavier tonight to try and pull out a win in their first game of the year. As you probably know, some news of international importance is taking place in Washington DC, but here we are, watching a game and commiserating about basketball.

St. John’s will have one fewer player tonight as David Caraher is taking a leave of absence from the team, staying home in North Carolina after the break. He played little and did not seem to have a large role on this year’s team, and we can only assume this is a prelude to a transfer. But we do not know yet.

Colby Jones did not make our pregame scouting report, but he is a low-usage freshman wing who makes his presence known on defense.

Tonight’s starters:

St. John’s: Posh Alexander / Greg Williams Jr. / Vince Cole / Julian Champagnie / Arnaldo Toro

Xavier: Paul Scruggs/ Colby Jones/ Nate Johnson/ Jason Carter/ Zach Freemantle