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St. John’s to wear Felipe Lopez era-inspired throwback uniforms versus Marquette

The Red Storm’s original mascot “Thunder” is back on the uniform

St. John’s University Athletics

St. John’s is bringing back a familiar look on Saturday afternoon.

The St. John’s men’s basketball team will wear throwback uniforms inspired by their 1994-95 rebrand as the Red Storm on Saturday afternoon against Marquette.

The team revealed the uniform set on social media on Thursday, with Nahiem Alleyne, Zuby Ejiofor, and R.J. Luis donning the vintage threads in the announcement video.

The all-white ensemble features an arched “St. John’s” in blocky red lettering and numerals with yellow trim across the front, while tri-colored stripes of red, yellow, and navy accent the collar and arms.

St. John’s University Athletics

The shorts include a red skyscraper rising from the shorts to the jersey on the right. “Thunder”, the red mustang that served as the Red Storm’s first mascot and was used in the rebrand’s original iconography, is displayed on the left side of the shorts behind a small “Red Storm” wordmark in white.

St. John’s University Athletics

The throwback set to be worn on Saturday isn’t an exact replica of the iconic early 90s uniforms; the lettering across the chest is shorter, and the red city skyline design is missing on the bottom of the shorts.

According to the school’s press release, a new customized court will also be revealed to complement the uniforms.

St. John’s University Athletics

The classic identity was made famous by former program standout Felipe López, whose nationwide appeal as a can’t-miss freshman sensation landed him on the 1994-95 college basketball preseason cover of Sports Illustrated before he even suited up for a collegiate game.

Felipe Lopez posing on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s College Basketball Preview in 1994 around the headline, “The Big East is Back”
Felipe Lopez on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1994
Sports Illustrated

Unfortunately, there is no information on if or how the throwback uniforms can be purchased at the moment. Still, the throwbacks would be a hot commodity if they ever become available to the paying public.