Following their narrow victory over the Xavier Musketeers in the late stages


Following their narrow victory over the Xavier Musketeers in the late stages of the game, another challenging matchup is on the horizon this Saturday. The reconfigured St. John's Red Storm, under the guidance of Rick Pitino, is set to face off against Villanova in a Saturday afternoon showdown. St. John's enters the weekend with two consecutive wins against Hofstra and Butler, boasting a 10-4 overall record and a 2-1 record in Big East play.

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Just admit it: The refs kicked the call against Detroit, changed playoff landscape


I was in the umpires’ room with Jim Joyce all those years ago. The man had just made one of the most infamous calls in the history of sports, calling safe what should have been the 27th out of Armando Galarraga’s imperfect game for the Detroit Tigers. And in Joyce’s defense, he knew it too. He said as much as paced around that cramped, windowless room, copping to the ignominious moment that would come to define a decades-long career. "This isn’t just a call, this is a history call, and I kicked the (crap) out of it," Joyce said that night. "And there’s nobody that feels worse than I do. I take pride in this job, and I kicked the (crap) out of that (call)." If only Brad Allen were so honest.

Roger Goodell’s so-called better-than-ever NFL officiating blew the end of Cowboys-Lions, then doubled down


Saturday night, an NFL official clearly made a huge mistake. It happened on a massive stage, before a national television audience, in a game that was consequential for playoff seeding. When he was pressed for an explanation, he doubled down by describing a scenario that made no sense. This is what resonates about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s better than ever officiating, which has glitched and rebooted seemingly every few weeks this season. So now we wake up Sunday morning — talking less about the history-making night of Cowboys wideout CeeDee Lamb, or the unbelievable final drive of Lions quarterback Jared Goff — and instead are left to dive into the mangled mess that unfolded with referee Brad Allen. By late Saturday night after the Cowboys hung on for a 20-19 win, there was the testimony of the Detroit Lions, who not-so-carefully pointed a finger at Allen blowing his job. There was a litany of video angles that appeared to back up their testimony. Then there was Allen effectively accusing the Lions of lying. Without launching a full-blown Warren Commission on it, here is a thumbnail of what happened, before we get to why it’s so problematic for the NFL.

Two-point snafu gave Mike McCarthy a pass for play-calling blunder


The two-point snafu that suddenly turned a Lions upset of the Cowboys into a 20-19 loss became the primary talking point emerging from Saturday night’s game. That’s very good news for Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy. McCarthy gifted the Lions an extra 40 seconds or so on the final Dallas drive of the game, by dialing up a pass on second and 14 from the Detroit 33. The Lions at the time had one timeout remaining. If the Cowboys had run the ball twice, they could have taken at least 40 extra seconds off the clock before kicking the field goal that gave Dallas a 20-13 lead. Detroit got the ball back, after the perfunctory touchback on the kickoff, at their own 25 with 1:41 to play and no timeouts. They should have had a minute or less. While that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have scored, it would have been much more difficult to move the ball 75 yards in 60 seconds than in 101. That’s all on McCarthy. He made a mistake in a key moment. This becomes important because, if/when McCarthy does that in a playoff game and if/when McCarthy doesn’t get bailed out by unrelated circumstances, that could be the kind of thing that gets ownership to decide to make a change. Which gets back to something I’ve said on #PFTPM and on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. When it comes to potential destinations for Patriots coach Bill Belichick, don’t focus on the non-playoff teams. Look at the playoff teams that lose in the wild-card round or the divisional round, if they lose as a result of a coaching blunder. Belichick would surely prefer to take the reins of a playoff-ready roster, and not to embark on a multi-year rebuild. If an owner becomes sufficiently exasperated with the mistakes of a coach of a playoff-ready team, could that owner become ready to embrace someone like Belichick? We’ll never know, if McCarthy avoids the kind of mistake he made last night. If, however, the Cowboys fail (again) to get to the conference championship game and if the loss can be traced to a McCarthy mistake, it could be his last tango in Dallas. And the door could swing open for a locking of arms between two men who most will doubt can coexist: Jerry Jones and Bill Belichick.

After a hiatus since 2019, the St. John's women's basketball program


After a hiatus since 2019, the St. John's women's basketball program is making its return to Madison Square Garden for the BIG EAST opener against Villanova at 6 p.m. The Red Storm will be the concluding act of the Holiday Festival tripleheader at "The World's Most Famous Arena." The action starts with Penn State and Georgia Tech tipping off at noon, followed by the St. John's men taking on Fordham at 3:30 p.m. If you'd like to purchase tickets for all three games of the Holiday Festival, you can do so by clicking here. Additionally, St. John's Holiday Festival-themed t-shirts with an ugly sweater design will be given to fans while supplies last.

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New Faces Emerge from Southeastern Circuit Finals, Eyeing NFR Open Roster Spots


With the conclusion of the Southeastern Circuit Finals in Davie, Florida, the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) Open roster is set to welcome fresh names next summer. The top-two contestants in each event from every circuit earn a coveted spot in the NFR Open, opening limitless opportunities for rodeo competitors. This year, the victors of the NFR Open, who weren't previously highly ranked in the standings, found a realistic path to qualifying for the prestigious National Finals Rodeo. The allure of significant purses, notably at the Washington State Fair and the Governor's Cup in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, created an unexpected chance for a select group of contestants to make their mark. Check out the nfr 2023 dates

St. John’s Basketball Asserts Dominance with Commanding Victory Over Utah in Charleston Classic


Under Rick Pitino’s guidance in his fifth game as head coach, St. John’s showcased their true potential, delivering an emphatic 91-82 win against Utah in the Charleston Classic. The team, previously seen as a formidable force in the Big East, displayed remarkable teamwork, robust defense in crucial moments, and a balanced scoring approach, reflecting a cohesive unit rather than a collection of individuals. This victory secured a commendable third-place finish in the tournament, offering a morale boost and a promising outlook for the Johnnies' future performances. PRCA & WPRA standings

The NFR is back in Vegas!


Nahiem Alleyne makes good on his Rick Pitino promise as ‘big factor’ in St. John’s win

Las Vegas NFR


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St. John's and Mike Anderson finalizing deal


The Johnnies are closing in on their next head coach.