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Not Half Bad 8 - Mike Rice, D`Angelo Harrison's struggles, and Seton Hall's program struggles

We welcome special guest Robert Manganaro as our FIRST EVER guest on Not Half Bad. Recorded before Harrison's suspension.

Mike Stobe

A jam-packed Not Half Bad podcast. With special guest Robert Manganaro of South Orange Juice, Not Half Bad takes a look at Seton Hall being called on the carpet by a local columnist, St. John's ability to make a run and analysis of D`Angelo Harrison's struggles, and Rutgers' after Eli Carter... and whether Mike Rice is like a new Norm Roberts.

We'll get a fuller analysis of the after effects of the Harrison suspension and the Orlando Sanchez news (#FreedPrimo!) on Monday morning.

Dave of On the Banks and Norman of Rumble in the Garden talk about:

  1. Short recap, St. John's :59
  2. Short recap, Rutgers Scarlet Knights 2:12
  3. Talking Seton Hall Pirates with Robert Manganaro 4:56
  4. Breaking down Steve Politi article 8:21
  5. What Kevin Willard can change 10:25
  6. Aaron Cosby rumors 12:57
  7. Aquille Carr rumors 15:51
  8. What does WEillard need tyo do going forward? 20:48
  9. NHB response 22:30
  10. The sad state of Rutgers after Eli Carter injury 26:56
  11. Can St. John's make a miracle NCAA run? 32:01
  12. Does Moe Harkless make a difference on this year's team? 35:42
  13. What if Lavin was hired a year earlier? 37:58
  14. Does Mike Rice derserve another tyear (copmpared to the time Norm Roberts got) 40:50
  15. Feelings about D`Angelo Harrison (recorded before Harrison was suspended) 44:43

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