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Not Half Bad Pod 11 - the offseason that won't end for Rutgers, updates on St. John's

We dig into the mess that has been the hiring of Julie Hermann, the firings, the Eddie Jordan degree debacle (with a lesson in word definition!) AND even some chatter about St. John's Rysheed Jordan, D`Angelo Harrison, and more.

Andy Marlin

Norman forgets to record the greatest podcast, but gets it right the second time. A lot of Rutgers talk, no matter how much Dave tries to veer away from the muck that is Rutgers Athletics right now; but there are lights at the end of the tunnel.

Dave of On the Banks and Norman of Rumble in the Garden talk about:

  1. 4:20 St. John's new recruit, Rysheed Jordan; other team boosts
  2. 8:27 Where in the world is Mike Rice?
  3. 10:23 Amir Garrett's transfer
  4. 15:45 Rutgers' drama - the wait and see period
  5. 20:50 The failure of vetting
  6. 25:25 Eddie Jordan - the thing that's going right

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