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Not Half Bad Pod Season 2 - anticipation for Rutgers and St. John's hoops

The Johnnies are stocked with talent and experience. Rutgers has a coach who won't throw balls at players' heads. Will these two teams emerge on the national scene?


A NEW college basketball season is just days away! So we fired up the podcast churner for a new season of the Not Half Bad Podcast, which will one day win the esteemed "Poddy" award.

Dave of On the Banks and Norman of Rumble in the Garden talk about:

  1. 0:06 Introduction
  2. 0:38 Rutgers, waiting for eligibility rulings for Junior Etou and JJ Moore
  3. 5:55 Who is left on the Rutgers' roster, anyway?
  4. 8:48 Will Rutgers improve under a kinder, gentler approach? So many "new approaches" in the last 20 years for Rutgers...
  5. 12:30 St. John's summer tour + Steve Lavin's Instagram account
  6. 17:10 Where does Rysheed Jordan fit?
  7. 18:12 What's the ceiling for St. John's this year?
  8. 26:04 Could Rutgers be a bubble NCAA team?

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Music: Thomas Kessler, "A Nightmare on Funk Street", used with permission.